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7 Reasons to Switch to Water Based Inks

There are several reasons to start using water-based inks, and here we’re going to list a few of those in hopes of convincing you to make the switch. Using water based inks feel softer and the clean up process is a breeze.

As technology advances inks are developing to being better than before and creating solutions to problems that printers have faced throughout the years. With these advances in inks, many shops have started to replace plastisol inks with water based because of how the results are so similar to a plastisol ink job.

Still not convinced? Well here are 7 reasons that you should consider.

1. Customer expectations

Think about it, the high level brands that are leading the fashion and tshirt industry (Nike & Adidas) are going to choose to create products with a great finish and quick production process. These brands are using water based inks and it creates the expectations that customers have when it comes to a t-shirt’s finish. To stay competitive against others in your market, you need to cater your business to the expectations of your customers, and truly give them something of quality. So as these brands transition inks, your customer expectations will shift and your business will be expected to follow.

2. These water based prints feel better

Another big thing to consider when screen printing is deciding on how you want the final product to feel. Remember the days where plastisol ink felt as if the ink created a bullet proof shield for you? While it has gotten significantly better these days, it’s overall feel won’t compare to the softness and flexibility found from water based inks.

3. You get higher quality prints

Enough with the physical texture. Water based inks are thinner in comparison to plastisol ink which allows them to sit deeper within the garment’s fabric. This means that whatever design you are printing onto that garment can have higher detailed work. Water based inks also allow you to work on more delicate garments which can mean that you are making higher quality products for your customers.

4. These inks help you stand out

As you make the switch, the best that you can do for your clients is educate them on these differences in inks. This is going to help you set apart your business in the market as well because it will show that you know what you are talking about and care about educating your clients in what your business offers. It builds loyalty and trust within your customers, which will go a long way as a business owner. When you are competing for local business, it is vital to set yourself apart and make your business stand out amongst your competitors.

5. You are going to have the opportunity to say “yes” to more projects

Within a business you are in control of your processes, what you want to print and (usually) how you can print it. Yet there are going to be some laws and regulations that you may find that can limit you on what you can create. The CPSIA regulations have caused an outlaw on the use of phthalates on any and all infant garments and soon PVC will follow. This is to protect the child from harmful fumes or harmful products that could cause them to be dangerously ill.

To keep these projects and to keep children safe, you are going to have to offer phthalate free plastisol inks or make the big switch over to water based inks. Afterall, the consumer public is starting to catch on and eventually these inks are going to be standard practice within shops.

6. Water based inks and printing helps the environment

This industry has built up a reputation that is known for harsh chemicals and even toxic waste, whereas using water based inks help to give us a break from these problems being created in our environment. You see, water based ink is made from substances that are naturally occurring. These inks are not made of plastic, and they do not use any fossil fuels or petroleum to be created. Also since they are water based, they do not need any chemicals to clean up a mess, which can potentially keep the waters safe. This is all accurate only if you are using it correctly, otherwise it is going to be just as bad for the environment.

7. This ink is going to save you money

With the ink being so much thinner, it will last longer. If you print wet on wet it will save you time because you won’t have to flash the colors in between. You will also use less ink because this ink has a lower cost with the higher mesh. As you start really thinking about making the switch from plastisol to water based inks, think about how you can leverage your business above others and get a head start on the competitive advantages.

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